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Mixed Program

Ages 13+

Age and physical ability are not a limitation

Why Should you Start Training?
Our training focuses on the traditions of Shito-Ryu karate through development of a solid foundation in basic techniques, katas, and kumite.  The Mixed Program is designed to provide everything one would expect from martial arts training: self-confidence, ability to defend ones self, strength, balance, and focus.

Stress Relief: We all have some level of stress in our lives!  Where else can you hit a bag and yell till your your hearts content?  AND, it’s acceptable??!!  Karate training helps us manage our everyday stresses.  It also helps teach us how to deal with our stress in a much calmer manner allowing us to be better decision makers and deflect conflicts.

Age & Ability:  No one is ever too old to start. Age and ability as an inhibitor are only excuses.  Everyone who engages in a proper martial arts program will benefit.  Techniques and training can always be modified when an individual has specific limitations and abilities. 

Fun, Family & Friends:  There’s a kid in all of us, so we strive to ensure our dojo culture, activities, and classes keep our young adult and adult students alike engaged and having fun!  Learning karate requires trust in your fellow students and instructors.  As such, we promote a family friendly environment.

Kid's Program

Ages:  5-10 Years
Karate is not about children learning to fight others; it’s about avoiding the fight. Like the Mixed Program, the Kid's Program teaches basic techniques, katas, kumite, and etiquette. Interactive drills and exercises are incorporated into classes to help kids build a solid foundation for their karate training.  Students are also taught to be safe by being aware of their surroundings, using verbal resolution skills, and body language (i.e. body posture, eye contact, and voice).

At such an important stage of development, young students need all of the right influences surrounding them. To ensure our students take karate beyond the dojo, we stress the importance that karate plays in their everyday lives.  Not only should students strive to do their best when training, but they should strive to do their best in school, with family, and with themselves.  Classes emphasize:

  • Self-discipline
  • ​Focus and Listening Skills
  • Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Structure and Routine
  • Respect and  Good Manners
  • Perseverance and Leadership Skills

All new young students start in the Introduction to Kid's Karate program (Intro Class), regardless of prior martial art training.  From there, kids may advance into the Beginner Class, and then the Intermediate/Advanced Class.  Timing of advancement is dependent upon many factors.  As we also say  in the dojo, "Karate is a marathon, not a sprint!"

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