Genbu-Kai Riverside Karate-Do

Before Entering Dojo Training Area
While in Dojo Training Area
Before Leaving Dojo Training Area
Late Arrival
Your Uniform and Belt
  • Students should take the initiative to sweep floors prior to and/or after class to keep dojo floors clean for themselves and others.  A respectful and attentive Kohai, never allows their sempai to sweep the floor.
  • When students are asked to sit down, there are only two ways acceptable:  Cross-legged or on your knees.  It is very disrespectful to sit with feet out or in a lackadaisical manner.
  • If asked to retrieve training gear or equipment during class, students should respond with “Hai” and do so very quickly.
  • All students should bow to the training area prior to exiting.

  • NEVER join a class already in session, unless invited to do so. If you arrive late, open the door to bow and wait outside of the training area until you are invited in. If the class is performing the formal beginning or ending meditation and bows, DO NOT open the door until this is complete.  Once invited into the training area, quietly enter, perform your own meditation and bows, stand at ready position (yoi) in the back and wait until invited to join the class. 
  • At times, the need will arise to adjust your uniform (gi) or belt (obi).  Students should always turn away from their sempai/sensei or training partner, and make adjustments quickly.
  • ​Your obi, which signifies your rank in the Genbu-Kai organization, should never be thrown, dragged, or touch the ground.  You've worked hard for your rank so your obi should be treated with respect.

  • For our adult students - NEVER wear your gi outside of class.  It is acceptable to wear the bottom portion of your gi with a t-shirt ONLY for the purposes of going directly to and from class.  Wearing your gi in public is an invitation for trouble so DON'T do it.

  • Students should always greet higher ranked students (sempai), instructor (sensei), and each other with a bow.
  • When an instructor or sempai gives a student direction or critique, it should be acknowledged by saying “Hai” (yes).
  • ​When addressing an instructor or higher rank, student should always preface with “Sempai” or “Sensei.”

  • Students are expected to remove their shoes​ and place them in the appropriate storage areas.
  • All students should bow to the training area prior to entering.
  • ​Remove ALL jewelry.
Dojo etiquette is meant to establish a mutual respect for our art and each other.  With each level of training, comes different levels of responsibilities and expectations.  Tasks described below are by no means punishment.  They are tasks that everyone has taken on that help build a sense of pride and respect for our dojo, our training, and our fellow Karatekas. 

Dojo Etiquette