Genbu-Kai Riverside Karate-Do


  • First...Be courteous in your manners

  • First...Have a strong sense of justice

  • ​First...Be responsible for your words and actions

  • ​First…Respect one another

  • ​First...Karate-do is the way of the spirit to give you courage and ambition to reach your goals as part of your life


  • Hitotsu…Rei setsu o omon zuru koto

  • Hitotsu…Tadashii kokoro o motte seiken to suru koto

  • ​Hitotsu…Kageki naru gen do kooi o tsutsushimu koto

  • ​​Hitotsu…Ai shinji te wasuru koto

  • Hitotsu…Kyu do no seishin o oko ta zaru koto

Our Dojo Kun signifies the character we wish to develop in ourselves and promote in our fellow Karatekas.  We've tried translating our Dojo Kun into English but it loses its full meaning in the translation.  Therefore, we use Japanese.  Please repeat these phrases everyday.

Dojo Kun