initiation fee

One Time/Per Student Fee                                           $30

Includes Uniform                                                                 

Monthly instruction fee


1.  Family Members = Parent/Child/Siblings/Spouse residing in same household.

2.  Canyon Crest Athletic Club (CCAC) Members shall be in good standings with CCAC to qualify for CCAC          Member rate.  CCAC Member need not enroll themselves with RKAF in order to enroll their child or spouse for CCAC member pricing.  CCAC fees shall be increased to Individual or Family fees, whichever may be applicable, in effect at the time RKAF is notified that CCAC membership is no longer valid or is not within good standings. 

3.  All fees subject to change and are non-refundable after first class attendance or first class of the month.  

4.  Initiation Fee is non-refundable.

Individual Rate                                                    $80 per month

Each Additional Family Member                  + $60 per month


​​Canyon Crest Athletic Club Member Rate       $60 per month
Each Additional Family Member                     +$60 per month