Genbu-Kai Riverside Karate-Do

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What to Anticipate​As a new student, here is some helpful insight as to what you can expect to encounter on your first day of class and throughout your training:  
Shito-Ryu is a traditional martial art and as such, we train in our bare feet. You will learn the basic fundamentals of Shito-Ryu karate which includes blocking, punching, kicking, various self-defense techniques, and forms (kata). As your training progresses, you will learn sparring techniques (kumite), proper falling, and grappling. Until you have your uniform, please wear comfortable workout clothing to allow yourself freedom to move and remove ALL jewelry prior to arrival.  Please bring water and a towel to refresh yourself after class. Be sure to check out Dojo Etiquette and Terminology as you begin to get acclimated.

New Student