Frequently Asked Questions
Is Contact Allowed?
​Karate is a contact activity.  However, our style stresses control.  This means, one must be able to execute a technique with full speed, power and extension, yet develop an understanding of distance in order to stop the technique prior to making contact; a skill much more difficult that just making impact.  However, that is not to there is no contact in the dojo.  We practice drills to condition our bodies to absorb and become accustomed to a moderate amount of impact.  As we practice to improve our skills, sometimes, contact is made with one another.  While some of this contact is not intentional, it is an important part of the learning process.  This is why dojo etiquette and respect for each other is so important in our dojo.  

How Soon Do New Students Get to Spar?
​Kumite (free sparring) is often an activity that many are anxious to start when beginning karate. But there is much more to karate than kumite.   One must learn basic skills and build a good foundation in these skills before advancing to kumite.    A baby must learn to crawl before it can walk.  And it must learn to walk before it can run.  The same holds true for kumite.  It may look easy, but imagine a baby trying to run before even learning to crawl.  If learning kumite is your goal, patience and hard work are the key.

Genbu-Kai Riverside Karate-Do

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What to Anticipate
​As a new student, here is some helpful insight as to what you can expect to encounter on your first day of class and throughout your training:  

  • ​Shito-Ryu karate-do is a traditional martial art.  As such, we train in our bare feet and clean white uniform. You will learn the basic fundamentals of Shito-Ryu karate which includes blocking, punching, kicking, various self-defense techniques, forms (kata), and proper dojo etiquette. As your training progresses, you will learn sparring techniques (kumite), proper falling, and grappling. 
  • ​​Until you have your uniform, please wear comfortable workout clothing to allow yourself freedom to move.  Remove ALL jewelry prior to arrival, keep nails short and tie all long hair back. 
  • Please bring water and a towel to refresh yourself after class.
  • Be sure to check out Dojo Etiquette and Terminology as you begin to get acclimated.​